VCB at Snow Row 2011

Snow Row 2011

Sally, Lissa, Dave & Karl set off from pier 40 at the crack of dawn on Friday, heading for Warren RI, where Don Betts had stored 2 gigs, Notorious GIG and Quixotic since the Icecreaker last November. We picked up the gigs and headed for Hull, with a minor delay.

Following the Snow Ball gala thrown by Hull Lifesaving Museum, we intrepid rowers spent the night at the Clarion Nantaskett Beack Resort. We met up with the Stuy and Harbor School crews in the morning, unloaded the boats and were off to the races.

The winds were predicted to be 10-15 mph but felt more like 20-25. The 3.5 mile race began with all boats bow on beach, which with the wind and current and 100 boats launching simultaneously made for a chaotic LeMans style start.  It was a tough row into the wind & current to start off our rowing season.

Harbor School came in first both in the Adult Cox 4 class and Youth Cox 4. CONGRATULATIONS HARBOR SCHOOL!!!!

From SN1

The VCB crew (Sally, Lissa, Dave & Karl) set out from Don & Martha’s in Warren, RI with the gigs in tow.

From SN2

Flat tire-Route 3, exit 17.

Tizoc to the rescue

From SN3

Ready to unload the girls on the beach at Hull

Many hands make light work!

From SN4

VCB adult crew launch and we’re off!

The Race

From SN5

Harbor School comes in first!!

From SN5

Tizoc with lots of gold medals

From SN5

The agony of defeat

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