Dave Clayton


There will be a BCB Board Meeting wed 03/16/11, … agenda to follow.

I don’t wanna look a ‘gift horse in the …’ but, I was a bit underwhelmed by the SNL Skit.  Although the lil gig ‘Shopacock’ earned more camera time than her sister’s appearance on ‘Nova Science Now’.  Thanks SNL, for the much needed donation!

More importantly: four crews in VCB Boats, participated in the 30th annual Snow Row in Hull, Mass.  Thankfully there was no snow, the weather crisp & sunny.

  • Sally, Lissa, Karl, Phil Shinn and Mike Zemanski and 3 other VCB crews (Stuy Rowing, Harbor School Adults, and Harbor School Youth) finished the 3 1/2 mile race.
  • Harbor School won first place position in two classes — Coxed 4 Adult and Coxed 4 Youth.
  • The VCB adults in a valiant effort rowed their hearts out but placed later.

The racetimes are posted on line – search – Hull Life Saving Museum.org – ‘Snow Row 2011′

Pictures & detail, later….

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